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Technology, media and communications (TMC)

The exponential growth of technological capability has eliminated a “one-size-fits-all” approach. That’s why our team have created a range of legal solutions to fit the needs of your business.

Technology is ingrained in all areas of business and life, which makes the legal matters of this field relevant to every business. We make our own contribution to growing the value of our clients’ business while they conduct operations in electronic space by transferring their business processes into it or by choosing, developing, and deploying IT tools and information systems. Our team continuously keeps an eye on the latest developments and, in addressing the client’s issues, first of all scrutinise the technological and business aspects of the matter before creatively looking for a legal solution.

  • Drafting agreements on software development, distribution and licencing, maintenance, IT services, website deployment and maintenance;
  • Consulting on new technology development and deployment, drafting related documents;
  • Legal services pertaining to e-space operations; drafting website user guidelines, privacy policies, other documents used for the purposes of online operations;
  • Consulting in the field of public information and media and on the matters of violation of honour and dignity, business reputation, right to image, advertising, social media;
  • Consulting in the field of consumer rights protection;
  • Drafting in-house corporate documents relating to the use of technology, as well as strategies;
  • Representation in court and out-of-court disputes involving matters of technology, media and communications.
  • advising a few developers of e-commerce projects on various legal issues related to e-commerce, including data protection, copyright, trademarks, other IP rights, consumer rights protection, drafting of terms of use, privacy policies, personal data processing rules, and other documents;
  • advising a leading Lithuanian mobile applications development and publishing company on IT and IP legal issues, including drafting of mobile applications development and other agreements, representation of the client in negotiations;
  • advising one of the world’s leading developers of business hardware and software systems on hardware and software license agreements;
  • providing legal services in relation to transformation of more than 40 public services (provided by the state and municipal institutions) into electronic services (eGovernment). The legal services included the analysis of the current legislation governing the to-be transformed services, drafting of proposals to public authorities concerning necessary legislation amendments;
  • advising an international company on personal information breach and cybercrime disclosure (notification) requirements applicable to public communications network providers and publicly available electronic communications service providers;
  • advising an international telecommunications company on regulatory requirements for rendering data and electronic message transfer services and dedicated capacity services in Lithuania;
  • in co-operation with the partners providing advisory services to Lietuvos pastas AB (Lithuanian Post) in relation to creation and development of E-delivery system, i.e. electronic documents delivery system that will allow citizens, businesses and the public administration to exchange information in a reliable and confidential environment, in a faster and cheaper way; the legal services include the analysis of the current legal situation in relation to the planned implementation of the E-delivery system, possible alternatives for legalisation of the system, and drafting of the appropriate amendments to the laws and other legislation;
  • advising Mediar UAB - a media research company on potential contract regarding use of the data of IP TV for the purposes of media research;
  • advising an international company on matters relating to issuing electronic money;
  • providing permanent legal services to a commercial television broadcasting company, including drafting of various contracts related to broadcasting, intellectual property rights, consultations on different media, intellectual property law issues, representation of the client in public authorities and courts;
  • advising one of the leading worldwide technology and services company on internal personal data processing rules according to the Lithuanian law;
  • advising a Lithuanian IP TV service provider on the terms and conditions of the IP TV website;
  • providing legal services to a Lithuanian mobile applications development company;
  • advising Wilibox on sale of shares and protection of IP;
  • advising the investor in a EUR 0.5 billion acquisition of the leading Lithuanian mobile operator;
  • advising the vendors on the sale of their interest in one of the leading Lithuanian software development and system integration company;
  • advising on reorganisation of Sonex Group UAB - one of the largest Lithuanian IT company;
  • advising a local investor on the acquisition of shares of Info-Tec UAB - one of the major IT companies in Lithuania;
  • advising one of the biggest Lithuanian IT companies in connection with its participation in the development of IT system (billing system) for a Lithuanian electricity supply company (value over EUR 0.6 millions);
  • representing one of the biggest Lithuanian IT companies in relation to the projects of development of IT systems for insurance business, carried out at one of the leading Polish insurance companies (value over EUR 1.5 millions) and Danish and Swedish subsidiaries of UK based international insurance group (value over EUR 1 million);
  • advising one of the biggest Lithuanian IT companies on public procurement issues and representing this client in relation to conclusion of the contract with Lithuanian social insurance authorities for delivery and implementation of document management system (hardware, software, implementation and maintenance services) (value over EUR 6 millions);
  • representing a Lithuanian IT company in relation to its participation in public procurement procedures and conclusion of the contract with Lithuanian social insurance authorities over the delivery and implementation (value over EUR 1.5 millions), further development and maintenance (value over EUR 1.5 millions) of the IT systems;
  • privatisation of Lithuanian Telecom through IPO;
  • privatisation of Lithuanian Telecom through sale to a strategic investor.


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