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Intellectual Property

In business, intellectual property is like a soul is to a body – intangible, but indispensable and invaluable. We understand the value of intellectual property and assist our clients in maintaining and protecting it.

Our practice areas span many facets of the intellectual property field, from confidential information protection to the settlement of disputes over the implementation of intellectual property rights at an international level. We provide legal consultation and advice on handling the most challenging and complex intellectual property matters.

Our legal services offered to the intellectual property sector include:             

  • advising on matters relating to copyright, neighbouring rights, trademarks, domain names, industrial design, patents, biotechnology and other IP deliverables and protection of trade secrets, image and goodwill; 
  • representation in negotiations regarding IP transactions; drafting, reviewing and adaptation of transaction documents to the client’s demands and needs; 
  • registration of intellectual property, including trademarks and patents, or mediation in registration on a national, EU and international level; 
  • representation in IP infringement cases before courts, ADR, customs and other authorities.
  • advising an international group of companies offering products for health on trade secrets, patents, copyright and legal protection of formulae of products, as well as matters of private international law, including jurisdiction and applicable law issues;
  • advising a leading Lithuanian mobile applications development and publishing company on IT and IP legal issues, including drafting of mobile applications development and other agreements, representation of the client in negotiations;
  • representation of the Italian company FERRERO S.p.A. regarding the international registration validity of the trade marks;
  • representation of the U.S. company The Gillette in the dispute regarding the enforcement of the national and the Community trade mark GILLETTE, the destruction of the products infringing the client's intellectual property rights;
  • representation of the regional TV in Lithuanian courts regarding the copyright fee under the RL Law on Copyright and Neighbouring Rights;
  • representation of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical company FARMAK in courts of the Republic of Lithuania in the disputes regarding the cancelled validity of the trademarks;
  • representation of Gino Rossi S.A. in the dispute regarding the registration and use of the trade mark GINO ROSSI in Lithuania;
  • defence of the interests of the Dutch company at court in the judicial dispute regarding the unlawful use of the trade mark LIPTON Yelow Label;
  • legal consultations regarding the infringement of the rights of the holder of the trade mark BARBIE in Lithuania;
  • representation of the German company Pfizer in judicial disputes regarding the registration of the trade mark in the State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • defence of the interests of the French company BELVEDERE S.A. and of AB Vilniaus degtinė defending them in the disputes regarding the unlawful use of the trade mark;
  • legal consultations to the Israeli company TEVA on the issues of registration, patenting and distribution of medications on the Lithuanian market;
  • representation of the Spanish company in negotiations and judicial disputes regarding the enforcement of the trade mark ZARA in Lithuania. 


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