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To control the spread of COVID-19, the Government declared quarantine on the entire territory of the Republic of Lithuania. The quarantine regime shall be effective from 16 March 2020 until 13 April 2020. To help you in this rapidly changing situation, we have prepared a set of key recommendations and tips. You may contact our COVID-19 team by

Agreements & Contractual obligations

Managing Partner Prof. Dr. Solveiga Palevičienė and Senior Associate Dr. Dovilė Murauskienė:

Seeking Fair Balance between Private Interests Will Be the Most Powerful Legal Argument during Quarantine

Employment law 

Partner Aušra Maliauskaitė-Embrektė and Senior Associate Artūras Tukleris:

How Are We Going to Work under Quarantine?

Real estate lease 

Associate Partner Eivydas Sadauskas:

COVID-19: What homework must the lessee do before negotiations with the lessor?

Insolvency, Restructuring & Financial Rehabilitation

Associate Agnė Pimpytė

Amended regulatory legal framework for bankruptcy and restructuring presents more opportunities and makes it easier for a legal entity to be declared insolvent 

Data protection

Expert Giedrė Rimkūnaitė-Manke and Associate Raminta Būčiūtė:

What Health Data Can Be Processed During the COVID-19 Pandemic? 

Associate Raminta Bučiūtė:

Tracking the location and contacts of people infected with COVID-19: when is it necessary and who should do it?

Lithuanian State Data Protection Inspectorate Recommendation in English available here.


Associate Agnė Pimpytė and Associate Jolita Čėsnė:

What Businesses Should Know About Tax Compliance?

Migration Law

Associate Kseniya Veličkienė

COVID-19: Карантинные меры в Литве 

Transport & Logistics

Associate Kseniya Veličkienė

Карантин в Литве: актуальная информация для транспортных и логистических компаний, а также водителей, осуществляющих международные перевозки грузов

Lawyers: Raminta Bučiūtė, Jolita Čėsnė, Agnė Pimpytė, Giedrė Rimkūnaitė-Manke, Eivydas Sadauskas, Aušra Maliauskaitė-Embrektė, Artūras Tukleris


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