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Associate Partner Inga Klimašauskienė is licenced to render legal services in the State of New York (USA) 2019-12-20

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Inga Klimašauskienė

GLIMSTEDT’s Associate Partner Inga Klimašauskienė has been licensed by the Supreme Court of the State of New York to render legal services in the State of New York (USA) as a Foreign Legal Consultant. This opportunity is extremely important to GLIMSTEDT’s clients who are developing and expanding their businesses in New York or looking for new markets in the USA. Now they can access high-quality legal advice and solutions from a lawyer who is licensed to render legal services in both jurisdictions. 

In New York, Inga Klimašauskienė also heads the Baltic-American Chamber of Commerce (BACC), an organization that promotes business contacts between the USA and the Baltic countries, encourages Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian investments in the USA (and vice versa), organizes training sessions and other events that stimulate investments, facilitate networking and relationships among business drivers and professional organizations in the USA and the Baltic States

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