Žabolis Partners acquired Šviesa Publishers

Žabolis Partners acquired Šviesa Publishers

The owner and shareholder of Alma Littera Group, the largest book publisher and retailer in the Baltic states, sold textbook and educational publisher Šviesa, which had been part of Alma Littera Group since 2002. After the sale, Žabolis Partners Investment Group became the new owner of Šviesa Publishers.

In the process of negotiating and signing a share sale agreement and at closing the deal, the seller was represented by Glimstedt.

UAB Snowball.xyz owned by Žabolis Partners Investment Group acquired 100 percent of Šviesa Publishers, 100 percent of UAB Edukacinio turinio sprendimai, 100 percent of UAB Mokomasis turinys, and 70 percent of UAB Ateities pamoka.

Šviesa Publishers maintain collaborations with universities and are a member of the European Educational Publishers Group (EEPG). Their ability to create innovative content has been acknowledged internationally, when their educational publication “STEAM based learning for grades 5–6 won Category 3 Gold Award in the annual Best European Learning Material Awards (BELMA) competition in 2021.  Previously, Šviesa Publishers were bestowed silver, bronze, and special awards for their modern and unconventional approach to educational content.

In this deal, the Glimstedt team comprised Partner Kęstutis Jaskutėlis, Partner Artūras Bakšys, Senior Associate Jurgita Zakarauskienė, Expert Giedrė Rimkunaitė-Manke, Associates Laura Tunkevičiūtė, Simona Butkutė, Karolis Grižas and Tautvydas Užkuras.



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