Public-Private Sector Partnership (PPP)

GLIMSTEDT advises on PPP projects implemented in the areas of education, transport, health care, public order, social security, recreation / sports services, supply of energy / heat, waste management and other areas.

Services rendered by the Firm to public entities / contracting authorities and private entities / concessionaires include the development of feasibility studies, partnership projects, draft contracts (including partnership, concession contracts), consulting on the matters of PPP project implementation options, distribution of risk between the parties to the project, project implementation procedures, raising funds and other matters related to legal regulation of the public-private sector partnership.


We render services both to public entities and private entities.

We assist public entities in the following matters:

  • drafting of investment projects and consulting on project implementation alternatives;
  • drafting of checklists for PPPs and advising on selection modes of private partners;
  • drafting of documents for the selection of private partners, including any and all addenda pertaining thereto, such as selection criteria, bid evaluation criteria, the risk matrix, and partnership (concession) contracts at the private entity selection stage, including responses to requests and complaints;
  • advising on issues relating to drafting and evaluation of applications and tenders, and drafting of partnership (concession) contracts.

We assist private entities in the following matters:

  • drafting of applications and tenders;
  • advising on issues relating to leveraging sources of funding;
  • advising on execution and performance of partnership (concession) contracts; drafting of requests/complaints;
  • representation in negotiations.


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