Insolvency, Restructuring & Financial Rehabilitation

We understand that any company can experience financial difficulties. Through our numerous years of practice dealing with bankruptcies, restructuring and financial rehabilitation, we have developed a portfolio of timely and effective solutions to help you overcome any difficulties. We are skilled at identifying and managing insolvency and bankruptcy risks, and at finding innovative solutions to get your business back on track. And if insolvency is unavoidable, we will help you to choose the optimal exit plan, reducing your losses to a minimum and preserving your business relations as well as reputation.


Our legal services offered to the insolvency, restructuring and financial rehabilitation sector include:

  • offering insolvency prevention measures;
  • advising on managing financial obligations and drafting and enforcement of business rehabilitation plans;
  • assisting in negotiations with creditors, debtors and financial institutions;
  • assisting in debt collection and representing clients before debtors;
  • representation in restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings;
  • representation of debtors/creditors in restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings;
  • protection of the interests of executives and shareholders in insolvency proceedings;
  • advising on drafting restructuring plans;
  • representation in sales of property;
  • representation of natural persons in bankruptcy proceedings;
  • advising on international insolvency issues.


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