Family wealth management and personal well-being

Behind every business, large or small, there is always a person − the owner, the manager, the successor − who not only deal with various business issues but also maintain personal legal relationships. Property, not only of personal use, but also businesses, securities, fund units, works of art or even investment wine etc. are usually acquired during the relationship. Changes in the family structure due to marriage, divorce, birth of children, death, etc. also lead to changes in property because of legal issues arising between family members, such as gifts, inheritances, etc. To help clients mitigate the risks associated with family wealth and protect personal property from business risks, the Glimstedt team of experts offers integrated and comprehensive wealth management services for individuals and families. These range from wealth planning and management to drafting marriage, property division, gift agreements, and divorce settlement agreements; and from drafting complex wills and dealing with inheritance and business succession matters to structuring and managing family business, including advising on tax matters.


The Glimstedt team has expert knowledge and valuable experience in cross-border family and inheritance matters and specialises in family wealth management, including business succession and division of matrimonial property. We offer a full range of legal services to private clients and families in wealth management and these services include:

  • advising on matters relating to structuring and managing family wealth;
  • advising on legal aspects of the acquisition, gifting and division of family property;
  • drafting pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, gift agreements, matrimonial property division agreements, and representing clients in negotiations;
  • advising on matters relating to estate planning, inheritance, drafting of wills;
  • advising and representing clients in negotiations and disputes concerning property division and divorce issues;
  • advising and representing clients in transactions relating to the acquisition and transfer of various assets (immovable property, works of art, investment units), and advising on donation, charity, life and health insurance matters.

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Dr. Laura Augytė-Kamarauskienė
Dr. Laura Augytė-Kamarauskienė
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Markas Dobrovolskis
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