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Our team works on the GDPR-compliance of large international company groups and businesses of various sizes, and have accumulated unique experience in helping manage large-scale data security incidents. We have the complete expertise in this area and are capable of assuring every company’s compliance across all fields of personal data protection regulation.


  • Consultations on all aspects of organisational compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), legal audit, drafting and implementation of custom action plans;
  • Assistance in managing personal data security breaches;
  • Drafting website user guidelines, privacy policies; drafting in-house documents in relation to the use of technology and information and data protection, as well as strategies;
  • Consultations on other matters pertaining to personal data protection;
  • Representation in court and out-of-court disputes in data protection areas.

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Giedrė Rimkūnaitė - Manke
Giedrė Rimkūnaitė - Manke
Laura Tunkevičiūtė
Laura Tunkevičiūtė
Senior Associate
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