The Supreme Court of Lithuania has finalised the high profile case of nearly EUR 3.5 million

By its ruling of 6 June 2017, the Supreme Court of Lithuania has ended a civil case being heard since 2012 concerning the restaurant Senoji kibininė that burned down in summer 2010, for which the security services were provided by security company G4S. In this case, the law firm GLIMSTEDT represented the global companies: security services provider G4S and insurer ACE.

The courts of all instances upheld the arguments of the GLIMSTEDT clients G4S and ACE that the security company provided services in a proper manner and that actions of the company (its security guard) were in conformity with the contractual obligations and the requirements of the physical protection guidelines, thus the security services provider was not held liable.

This case is significant not only because of its value, but also because of its complexity. The case covered the legal issues of contractual civil liability, insurance relationships and invalidity of transactions. The court of cassation analysed legal issues important for the case law, difference between agreement on services for consideration from bailment agreement and mixed agreement on services for consideration having elements of the service agreement, contractual liability conditions in legal relations of services for consideration and the possibility to limit the civil liability under the contractual terms and conditions.

GLIMSTEDT team was led by Associate Partner Inga Klimašauskienė and included Associate Partner Solveiga Palevičienė, Senior Associate Renata Jankutė and Associate Ovidijus Speičys.

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