Swedes Assign Award to Lithuanian Lady

Swedes Assign Award to Lithuanian Lady
President of NASDAQ OMX Vilnius Receives “Baltic Davos” Award
On Monday, at the so-called “Baltic Davos” (the Baltic Development Forum) Summit in Stockholm, Arminta SaladžienÄ—, President of NASDAQ OMX Vilnius was honored with the Baltic Sea Award for the initiative to raise awareness of good corporate governance in the Baltic Region.

The jury took into account Ms SaladžienÄ—’s contribution towards the establishment of the Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance, a joint non-profit initiative undertaken by Bonniers Business Press (Verslo žinios, Äripäev), Ernst & Young, GLIMSTEDT, ISM University, NASDAQ OMX Baltic Stock Exchanges and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. Ms SaladžienÄ— is the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance. 

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“On behalf of the Institute, I am very pleased that our initiative has been noticed at such high-level forum and has been assessed as being significant and capable of contributing to the development of the Baltic Sea Region. During the economic downturn an effective control environment, high level of transparency and empowered and competent boards are more important than ever. Experience from advanced economies proves that sound corporate governance practices lead to better companies, and in turn, better societies. This Award only proves that we are on the right way. It will also serve as another stimulus to the whole team supporting this initiative to move ahead”, – says Ms SaladžienÄ—.

The winner has been selected by the jury consisting of Sweden’s Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, Swedbank’s Board Chairman Carl Eric Stålberg and the Baltic Development Forum’s Chairman Uffe Ellemann-Jensen. 
The Annual Baltic Sea Award is assigned to an individual or organization that has made and extraordinary contribution to the development of the Baltic Sea Region. The last year’s winner of the Award was Finland’s President Tarja Halonen.

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