Solveiga Palevičienė Has Been Invited to the Advanced Management Program Ranked #1 by the Financial Times

Managing Partner Professor Dr. Solveiga Palevičienė has been invited to attend the Advanced Management Program (AMP). Last year, the AMP offered by the IESE Business School of the University of Navarra (Spain) maintaining close relationship with the Harvard Business School has been ranked number one among international executive education programs by the Financial Times.

“I am pleased to be invited to the AMP and be granted the IESE Women in Leadership Scholarship as this will give me the opportunity to share experience with international business executives, to improve my knowledge and to learn more about latest global business management, innovation and investment trends”, says Dr. Palevičienė. “Due to their growing businesses nowadays our clients become more and more demanding, and we as their lawyers have to stand the pace to ensure that seeking qualified advice in Lithuania or abroad they feel secure and absolutely convinced that their needs are perfectly understood by the lawyers who are ready to handle challenges in a professional way and to contribute at the same time to sustainable and competitive development of their businesses.”

The AMP is intended for the most experienced executives and global business visionaries each of whom brings along and shares unique experience, culture and management style with other AMP participants. Top executives from different parts of the world attending the AMP and leaders of such international companies as Novartis, BMW, Audi, IBM, Microsoft, Airbus, Airbnb, Heinz, the World Bank and many others have a unique opportunity to gain certain knowledge, insights, ideas and concepts forming the basis for the today’s global business and are encouraged to think in the way necessary to keep the businesses they lead at a highly competitive level.

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