Marius Embrektas has been promoted to become the ninth Partner at GLIMSTEDT which is also joined by Associate Partner Laura Augytė-Kamarauskienė and her team

GLIMSTEDT Law Firm is reshaping its practice teams in order to bring together professionals with the necessary competences bearing in mind the circumstances, in which a number of our clients’ businesses have found themselves due to the COVID-19 crisis. The Firm’s lawyer for many years and head of its Public-Private Sector Partnership, Infrastructure and Legal Regulation Practices Marius Embrektas has been promoted to become the Firm’s ninth Partner. Since 12 May, Dr Laura Augytė-Kamarauskienė, Founder of Lexem Law Partnership, has joined GLIMSTEDT in her capacity as Associate Partner and has also brought her team along.

We take efforts to help our clients in coping with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, in having their activities swiftly resumed and in grasping all new opportunities opening up. This has inevitably triggered changes in our professional team. Lawyers Marius Embrektas and Laura Augytė-Kamarauskienė are highly acclaimed experts in their fields whose competence, foresight and experience are particularly valued among their clients and colleges,” says Professor Dr Solveiga Palevičienė, Managing Partner of GLIMSTEDT.

Partner Marius Embrektas specialises in Public-Private Partnership (PPP), Infrastructure and Legal Regulation areas. He has been rendering advice on some major PPP and infrastructure project in Lithuania and abroad and has extensive experience in dealing with commercial disputes and representing his clients in corporate, contract, insurance, bankruptcy, restructuring and other matters. He is also advising the largest Lithuanian fishing companies engaged in fishing and shipping activities in the Baltic Sea and distant fishing waters.

I am highly inspired and motivated by the credit given to me by the Firm. Apart from the difficulties, the situation in which the world finds itself today gives thousands of opportunities, in particular as regards PPP and infrastructure projects. During the economic downturn, a partnership between the government and business becomes especially relevant because the implementation of large infrastructure projects has been among most important economic stimulus measures at all times. Taking advantage of new opportunities in a new reality demands an extremely creative approach, elegant decisions and new energy. I have no doubt that keeping to the above principles I will be able to proceed successfully with the projects already started and to develop the areas under my supervision. I am pleased that being the Partner, I will not only be able to go deeper into the issues that are complicated from a professional point of view and encourage professional development but will also be able to contribute to the implementation of nationally and publicly useful projects”, says Partner Marius Embrektas.

Attorney at Law Dr Laura Augytė-Kamarauskienė, who earlier set up and successfully headed Lexem Professional Law Partnership, has always combined her legal practice with academic activities. She was teaching international and EU civil procedure and international litigation courses to local and foreign students at Mykolas Romeris University for 15 years, and is now sharing the accumulated experience as an independent board member. Dr Laura Augytė-Kamarauskienė has been an independent expert of the European Commission for Justice, Freedom and Security since 2009. She is highly experienced in dealing with professional civil liability lawsuits and disputes arising out of factoring agreements and promissory notes, has extensive knowledge of standard debt recovery process in Lithuania and abroad, of contract law (real estate, distribution, agency agreements and other notarized transactions), also of the implementation of publicly funded projects and agreements. Dr Augytė-Kamarauskienė has expert knowledge in the field of recognition and enforcement of judicial and arbitral awards in Lithuania and abroad and is an arbitrator recommended by the Vilnius Court of Commercial Arbitration. Dr Augytė-Kamarauskienė is expected to fortify the Firm’s Migration Law Practice and Dispute Resolution Practice teams, in particular in cross border litigation, insurance, professional liability and executive liability claims. She will provide private wealth services to business clients (executives, owners and shareholders) ranging from prenuptial agreements to international inheritance law issues.

I have reached the highest peak in my professional career as a lawyer. Therefore, I am very delighted right now to bring all my knowledge, experience and expertise to GLIMSTEDT with its long-standing traditions. I take this step in the career as a broad professional prospect that gives me an opportunity to achieve my future professional goals and to create added value for the Firm at the same time; but on top of that – to continue to provide our loyal clients with highest quality legal services that have now been enlarged in scope due to support and backup from the Firm’s international team”, notes Associate Partner Laura Augytė-Kamarauskienė when commenting on such decision.

In early May, GLIMSTEDT was joined by Attorney at Law Dr Dovilė Murauskienė, who specialises in dispute resolution and public law and has valuable experience in handling cases involving while-collar offences.

GLIMSTEDT is one of the leading and highest-ranked law firms in Lithuania, forming part of the GLIMSTEDT team with more than 250 qualified lawyers in Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

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