Law Firm Bernotas & Dominas GLIMSTEDT is expanding

New partner Linas Sesickas has joined the Law Firm Bernotas & Dominas GLIMSTEDT as of 7 December 2010. The Law Firm has been reinforced by six other lawyers lead by L. Sesickas.
A well recognised expert of business law L. Sesickas has become the 7th Partner of Bernotas & Dominas GLIMSTEDT and will lead the Practice Group of Business Solutions and Corporate Financing.
The Law Firm’s Managing Partner KÄ™stutis JaskutÄ—lis says that the entry of Linas Sesickas into the team is fully in line with the philosophy, operational principles and strategy of the Law Firm.
“We value long professional experience of Linas developing the business of his own and his clients and we are convinced that his presence will enhance our potential to offer highest quality legal services to clients. This step not only strengthens the team of our Law Firm, but also implements its strategic objectives”, notes K. JaskutÄ—lis.
The partner who is well known in the business and academic community and six new lawyers next year will contribute to a more effective co-ordination of the Law Firm’s activities in the Baltic countries and Belarus.
“Relevant solutions in business consultations over the recent years and, in particular, during the extremely complicated period of the economic recession, have allowed us to earn the trust of the clients. Thus, we need new capacities, which we are building in this phase of our development”, says the Managing Partner of the Law Firm. 
L. Sesickas who started practicing law at Bernotas & Dominas GLIMSTEDT already in 2001, later continued his career as partner of the law firm Baranauskas, Sesickas, Stukas and Partners | Apex Legal. The attorney-at-law is returning to Bernotas & Dominas GLIMSTEDT with considerable useful experience.
From this time forward, there are about 60 persons, of which 40 are specialists of law, in the Vilnius Office of the Law Firm.
About Bernotas ir Dominas GLIMSTEDT
Since the start of its activities in 1997, the Law Firm Bernotas & Dominas GLIMSTEDT assists its clients in the smooth development of their business. The lawyers of the Law Firm treat their clients as business partners whose success is maintained through joint business solutions. Over the thirteen business years, the Law Firm has been successful in numerous major transactions that have paved the road to the markets of the Baltic countries to such global companies as SEB, Mars Inc., Radisson, Novotel, Texaco, Deka, TeliaSonera and many others.
For more information: KÄ™stutis JaskutÄ—lis, Managing Partner of Bernotas & Dominas GLIMSTEDT, tel. 85 2690 700, [email protected]

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