Inga Klimašauskienė has become an associate partner of GLIMSTEDT

The lawyer Inga Klimašauskienė has become an associate partner of GLIMSTEDT and will be responsible for the Employment Law Practice Group.

Through more than 10 years of professional activities, Inga Klimašauskienė has accumulated a huge amount of experience as a consultation lawyer with international companies in Lithuania, and has represented them in pre-trial institutions as well as in court. She is an active participant in the European Employment Lawyers Association (EELA), which unites leading experts from the fields of European employment law and organisations for uniting business institutions (Lithuanian Business Confederation, Security Business Group, etc.) to arrange and provide advice on the laws to be included in the new Labour Code. In addition, Inga Klimašauskienė is active in the academic activities at Vilnius University.

GLIMSTEDT is one of the largest and best-evaluated law firms in Lithuania. GLIMSTEDT continues to develop strong international relations and participate in many major local and international interactions, while also representing its clients in significant arbitration and court proceedings. GLIMSTEDT bureaus are established in Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Sweden.

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