GLIMSTEDT joined BZN start Startup Awards 2016 – the award to the best funded startup

This year the law firm GLIMSTEDT joined the biggest prestigious awards for startups in Lithuania organized by BZN start – the BZN start Startup Awards 2016.

On 8 December 2016, the award ceremony was organized at Rise Vilnius where the most promising young businesses stood for eight main and two additional nominations chosen by the startups ecosystem.

When congratulating creators of startups, the lawyer Aušra Maliauskaitė-Embrektė, an associate partner, talked about how glad she was about inspiration and optimism she found when consulting young business.

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The lawyers of GLIMSTEDT will contribute to the success of startups not only by defending but also by fostering their business. In this year’s awards the law firm established the nomination for the best funded startup, the winner of which for the second year in a row was the Trafi team, who had created the public transport planning system. Trafi acquired the right to use legal consultations of the law firm GLIMSTEDT for the value of EUR 1,500.

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Photos: BZN start Startup Awards 2016 ceremony by BFL/Vygintas Skaraitis.

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