GLIMSTEDT Associate Partner Dr. Solveiga Palevičienė attended the Swedish Arbitration Days in Stockholm

On 8-9 September 2016, GLIMSTEDT Associate Partner Dr. Solveiga Palevičienė attended the Swedish Arbitration Days, a two-day conference arranged by the Swedish Arbitration Association. This year, the conference was devoted to contractual issues in international arbitration.


At the conference, internationally renowned arbitration practitioners and scholars discussed a highly important question of the limits of discretion of arbitrators in solving complex contractual disputes and other questions, such as:

  • Interruptions occurring in contractual relationships due to the changed circumstances or extraordinary events, including those caused by sanctions and other prohibitions imposed as a result of armed conflicts, loss of control over the property or assets and similar events;
  • Whether and when it might be possible to disregard the limitation of liability agreed by the parties or to bring extra-contractual claims before the arbitral tribunal,
  • The governing law in arbitration cases and the problem of soft law instruments as governing law, also the question whether arbitrators should apply the law governing the contract in the same manner as judges do.

In general, the topics discussed at the conference proved to be of great significance to international arbitration cases, not to mention the opportunity to have the problems arising in the majority of contractual disputes discussed with leading arbitration practitioners and, equally, to explore a multinational approach to them.

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