G. Rimkūnaitė-Manke becomes a member of the Startup Commitee of ITechLaw

Giedrė Rimkūnaitė-Manke, an expert and an Attorney-at-Law at GLIMSTEDT, has been elected a member of the Startup Committee of the International Technology Law Association (ITechLaw).

ITechLaw brings together the strongest legal professionals of the field of technology worldwide and creates unparalleled opportunities for international collaboration and the exchange of knowledge and experience with the best experts from around the world. Currently, ITechLaw comprises 9 legal committees, each consisting of 6 to 11 members. The mission of the Startup Committee is to help lawyers share best practices and experience in providing practical, effective services to start-ups. Along with Giedrė, lawyers from the USA, Canada, India, the United Kingdom and other countries participate in the activities of this committee.

“Participation in this committee is an opportunity to hear by word of mouth about the ongoing activities in Silicon Valley, Bangalore or London, to share the latest experience with colleagues and an excellent chance to introduce them to the Lithuanian start-up ecosystem and the role of Glimstedt played within it. One of the goals of this committee is to provide start-ups with access to the basic legal issues that are relevant to them in the areas of intellectual property, data protection and others, as start-ups are commonly missing the opportunity and resources to learn in detail about the legal requirements set out by other countries”, says G. Rimkūnaitė-Manke.

G. Rimkūnaitė-Manke heads Glimstedt  Intellectual Property, TMC and Data Protection practises. In 2018, she initiated Glimstedt For Startup Business platform which aims to give start-ups access to high-quality legal services at a fee which is not only fair and reasonable but known beforehand.

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