Edvard Gasperskij and Audrius Žvybas Have Been Promoted to Associate Partners

Law Firm GLIMSTEDT has promoted its two long-standing members Edvard Gasperskij and Audrius Žvybas, who are highly-acclaimed experts in their fields, to Associate Partners.


Associate Partner Edvard Gasperskij specialises in lax and commercial law. He has extensive experience in advising on reorganisation, transaction structuring, business and property acquisition, corporate group formation and dissolution-related legal and tax matters. He is an expert in his field who professionally and efficiently deals with problems encountered by companies at both national and international levels.  


Associate Partner Audrius Žvybas specialises in banking and financial law, financial restructuring and rehabilitation, and is often involved in international commercial and investment arbitration proceedings. He has represented his clients in all major arbitration institutions, such as ICSID, ICC, VIAC and SCC and as a recommended arbitrator of the Vilnius Court of Commercial Arbitration has been advising clients on complex M&A transactions that involve various financing schemes, including securities, and range from local business transfers to large-scale international mergers and acquisitions.

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