Eastern European National Correspondents in Vilnius

On 8 April 2016 Eastern European National Correspondents of European Employment Law Cases (EELC) magazine held a meeting in Vilnius at GLIMSTEDT. The correspondents discussed how to improve the quality of EELC and promote its magazine, and the relationship with European Employment Lawyers Association (EELA) and other organizations. The idea of national employment lawyers associations establishment in Eastern Europe was seriously debated as well. The correspondents were highly impressed by Vilnius’ beautiful architecture, great food and friendly atmosphere and went home having gained new ideas which they believe would be realized.

Inga Klimasauskiene, Associate Partner of GLIMSTEDT, is assigned a national contributor of EELC. EELC is a legal journal that specialises in employment law jurisprudence from EU member states, also contains brief references to recent ECJ and ECtHR cases. Besides case reports, EELC publishes the occasional article.

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