Andrius Ivanauskas speaks on private equity funds at BCC

Associate Partner Andrius Ivanauskas was invited by the British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) to speak on Lithuanian private equity funds at the Breakfast Technical Briefing, one of the longest standing events organized by BCC.
In his briefing, Andrius Ivanauskas elaborated on the advantages of Lithuanian LLPs (KŪB) in terms of financial and legal flexibility, tax considerations. He also showed how the internal structure of the LLPs actually affects the investments carried out by private equity funds, and, in particular, emphasized the focus of such funds on long-term results. Regulatory novelties in the area, such as the new draft Law on Collective Investment Undertakings for Informed Investors, have also been touched in the expectation of eventual adoption by the Lithuanian Parliament, in the legislative process of which law Andrius Ivanauskas has been involved since its initiation.    
GLIMSTEDT were the first in Lithuania to structure and incorporate investment vehicles structured as LLPs based on worldwide refined architecture of private equity funds.

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