A Subsidiary, of “Bernotas ir Dominas GLIMSTEDT”, ESTEP Members of the Board K. Maniokas and D. Žeruolis to meet with Icelandic EU Director Hogni Kristjansson

On 22 October Mr. Hogni Kristjansson, EU Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Iceland comes to for a two-day visit. The Government of Iceland has officially applied for the EU membership and is expected to join the EU in 2012, which is currently preparing for accession negotiations, is highly interested in the eurointergration experience of. During the visit, i.e. on 23 October, Mr. Kristjansson will meet ESTEP members of the Board Dr. Klaudijus Maniokas, Former Deputy Chief Negotiator of for the EU Accession, and Mr. Darius Žeruolis, Former Deputy Government Secretary for EU Affairs. The meeting will be focused on ‘s experience in accession negotiations and other Iceland-related issues.
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