A. Maliauskaitė-Embrektė presented the novelties in regulation of labour relations in Lithuania to the Embassy of Sweden

The new social model and the new Labour Code is a highly discussed topic. While still in the development stage, it was caused by a set of discussion and criticism. Lithuania addressed European Commission to recognize the new social model as the structural reform and apply a reservation to the associated costs for the calculation of 2017 public finance deficit. These estimated costs amount to 243 million EUR, which is about 0.6 percent of the estimated GDP.

Law firm GLIMSTEDT associate partner Aušra Maliauskaitė-Embrektė shared her insights at the Swedish Embassy on entry into force of the social model legislation, including the new Labour Code, and the related challenges for Lithuania. Aušra Maliauskaitė-Embrektė also presented the new Labour Code adopted on 14 September 2016 (as amended) and the novelties in regulation of labour relations.

Please watch this video for more information regarding the new Labour Code. 

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