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We are one of the first, most experienced and most highly regarded business law firms in Lithuania. Our solutions are therefore based on mature wisdom and well-honed skills to operate in a dynamic environment of business challenges.

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We've been around a long time

The business law tradition has been with our team since 1935. We brought to Lithuania a new approach to the region, ahead of its time, back in 1993.

Caring responsibly for our DNA

The name, the commitment to you and the community, the depth expertise, the Baltic-Swedish partnership – all of this has remained the same since our beginning. We dynamically juggle solutions or tools to adapt to the changing environment, while keeping what is the foundation of our business stability.

Creating for the long term

We stand for sustainable, long-term solutions for safe and socially responsible businesses that progress in a way that respects the environment and builds bonds between the past and the future. That’s the kind of people who are our customers, partners and friends.

On both sides
of the Baltic Sea

We operate on both sides of the Baltic Sea – in Lithuania, Sweden, Latvia and Estonia. What unites us are our values, approach and the synergy of working together to create and share knowledge, even when we are flexible to take different business paths.

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250 professionals

Our international team consists of 250 professionals working closely together. We cultivate our physical, mental and intellectual stamina and patience to work with our clients through their longest business marathons.


We're in it for the long term, just like you. Let's talk about our common goals.

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