Nida Jazz Maratonas

Jazz festival Nida Jazz Maratonas

GLIMSTEDT is one of the sponsors of the annual jazz festival Nida Jazz Maratonas that combines jazz and tennis, attracting both music lovers and tennis fans.


The National Olympic Commitee of Lithuania and LTeam

We are a proud sponsor of The National Olympic Commitee of Lithuania and LTeam – the largest team in Lithuania, joining the strongest Lithuanian athletes and representing Lithuania at world championships and the Olympic Games.

Trečiasis Lietuvos statutas

Translation of the Third Statute of Lithuania

The Institute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania has launched a project to make a Lithuanian translation of the Third Statute of Lithuania, one of the most important legal codes in Lithuanian history. This project, very significant to the Lithuanian history of law, is sponsored by the law firm GLIMSTEDT.

Klaipėdos valstybinis muzikinis teatras

Klaipėda State Musical Theatre

GLIMSTEDT supports Klaipėda State Musical Theatre – the largest professional art group in Klaipėda and Western Lithuania. aukojimo portalas

We support– the biggest online donations portal in Lithuania, founded in 2009, which enables individuals and legal entities donate more conveniently.

Idialogue mentoring platform

We are one of the recommended employers on the Idialogue mentoring platform.

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