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In a nutshell, our mission is to build lasting partnerships with our clients so that we can offer them long-term strategic and business development solutions. We always have the future of our clients’ business in mind and do our best to become trusted and enduring partners who identify the problems of tomorrow and make our best effort to avoid them.


GLIMSTEDT has its offices situated on both sides of the Baltic Sea – in Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. All share the same business philosophy, strategic thinking and ways to deliver value to their clients by cherishing the GLIMSTEDT ethos that has characterised our brand since its establishment in 1935. The Vilnius Office was opened in 1997 to become one of the first top law firms in Lithuania.


A farsighted outlook, high work and ethical standards, as well as competence and experience in different business sectors make it possible for us to contribute to the prosperity and growth of our clients by taking part in a great number of large local and cross-border transactions and representing our clients in major arbitration and litigation proceedings.



Jogailos 4, 01116 Vilnius