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The employer shall pay a non-compete compensation to current employees if he wants to limit them from working for a competitor during their employment. 2016-03-10

Summary Following the latest case law of the Supreme Court of Lithuania (held on 12 Feb 2016) it is not enough to state that an employee cannot work for a competitor during their employment. It is nec..

Consumer Insolvency in Lithuania – a Status Quo Update2016-02-02

With the Law on consumer insolvency in Lithuania (the “Law”) having come into force only in March 2013, following its adoption in May 2012, and in light of the now proposed amendments to the Law, we f..

Charges for a spouse’s employment against a manager may imply discrimination of marital status2016-02-01

Summary In a recent liability case the Supreme Court of Lithuania emphasized that the mere fact that a person works in a company governed by their spouse does not mean a breach of loyalty obligations..

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