Working on fishing vessels, not necessarily on the basis of an employment contract 2016-12-30

Recently, certain difficulties have arisen in interpreting and applying the regulations defining legal relationships between a fishing vessel owner and fishermen working on board the vessel. There are..

Bank’s negligence does not exempt the property appraiser from the liability for improper valuation 2016-12-22

On 9 December 2016, the Supreme Court of Lithuania ruled on the property appraiser’s civil liability for losses incurred by the bank as a result of an improperly drawn up valuation report. The bank re..

Property purchase price that exceeds the market price does not guarantee damage recovery to the company’s creditors2016-12-15

The ruling of the Supreme Court of Lithuania of 25 November 2016 established a system of criteria to decide in which situation the manager of the company and/or its shareholders may be ordered to pay ..

New competition rules for municipalities in Lithuania2016-12-09

As of the beginning of the year 2017, additional restrictions for municipalities on setting up of new commercial undertakings and delegation of new functions to the currently operating undertakings wi..

How inspectors of the State Labour Inspectorate of Lithuania will be verifying the reasonability of the posting of workers 2016-12-05

The State Labour Inspectorate of Lithuania (SLI) approved the procedure on the basis of which SLI inspectors will conduct inspections of economic entities to verify the reasonability of the posting of..


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