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How inspectors of the State Labour Inspectorate of Lithuania will be verifying the reasonability of the posting of workers 2016-12-05

The State Labour Inspectorate of Lithuania (SLI) approved the procedure on the basis of which SLI inspectors will conduct inspections of economic entities to verify the reasonability of the posting of..

More rights and security for prospective mortgage borrowers2016-11-22

On 10 November 2016, the Seimas adopted the Law on Credit Relating to Immovable Property of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter referred to as the “Law”) which addresses the procedure for granting ..

S. Palevičienė. On compensation of non-pecuniary damages in cases of fatal injuries2016-11-22

Lately, Lithuanian courts have been blamed in the media for awarding very small amounts of compensation for non-pecuniary damages. In this respect, as an expert in this field, I would like to defend t..

Amendments of the new Labour Code increase the guarantees to employees 2016-11-18

When the veto of President was overturned, on 14 September 2016 the new Labour Code (the Code or LC2016) was passed without any amendments. The Code eliminated a non-flexible regulation of labour rela..

Important things to know for free wireless internet connection providers 2016-11-08

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has explained what consequences may face the free wireless internet connection providers when copyright infringements are committed through this type ..

Which debts of insolvent company are the CEO’s responsibility2016-11-02

According to the current wording of the Republic of Lithuania Enterprise Bankruptcy Law, a head of an enterprise or a shareholder must file a petition with a court for the initiation of the enterprise..

Which Labour Code – the old or the new one – should apply?2016-10-19

Following the adoption of the Labour Code, in practice, many issues still in relation to its implementation and application. For example, how should the employer act if a notice of dismissal is given ..

Hyperlinks to protected works might be illegal 2016-10-17

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) established criteria for legality of links to protected works that are freely accessible in other websites without the consent of the copyright holder..

Disproportional distribution of bonuses in the companies is also possible2016-10-12

Bonuses are one of the most commonly used ways to remunerate members of board or supervisory board for their job. This way of remuneration is directly related to a profit gained by a company: the law ..

A new Labour Code: changes that are of particular relevance for the business2016-09-19

On 14 September 2016, the Lithuanian Parliament (Seimas) decided to overturn President Dalia Grybauskaite’s veto on the draft of a new Labour Code, and thereby passed the vetoed legislation without an..

(Un)guilty Without Fault In Cartels2016-09-06

One might be accused of participating in a cartel even in the absence of fault. However, the European Court of Justice, which developed this doctrine, tends to restrict it and this is evident in the r..

Procedures for Demolition of Illegal Structures in Lithuania to Become Shorter2016-09-01

Structures built without permission can be demolished by their owners; otherwise, structures are demolished forcefully. However, so far reality has shown that in cases where owners avoid demolishing i..

Employers must compensate employees separately for restricting their right to work for others, not only after, but also during their employment 2016-08-11

Summary Following the latest case law of the Supreme Court of Lithuania, it is not enough to state that an employee cannot work for a competitor during their employment. It is necessary to pay compens..

Courts cannot weigh in on redundancy’s expedience, because this is competence of the employer not the courts2016-08-09

The Supreme Court of Lithuania recently affirmed that the courts have no competence to assess whether an employer’s decision to restructure and make staff redundant has been expedient and reasonable, ..

Compensations to unsucesfull biders – a means to attract the best participants to tenders 2016-07-27

Lithuania has ambitious plans regarding the development of the public infrastructure. With the help of international private business (partners), the plans for the near future include reconstruction o..


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