Company & Commercial

Though a company may seem like a legal fiction, it is today a key instrument for starting up and developing a business.

Our professional knowledge and experience allow us to identify corporate opportunities, challenges and risks, and to deliver optimal solutions to our clients. We have developed an organizational structure in collaboration with our corporate clients, enabling us to solve day-to-day problems efficiently and quickly. We believe our expertise and client-focused approach gives value to our clients, facilitating success and sustainable business growth.

 Our legal services offered to the company and commercial sector include:

  • advice on the corporate governing structure and provision of any related services;

  • issues of director and officer liability;

  • shareholder agreements;

  • incorporation, reorganization or restructuring of any type of business entities, including their subsidiaries and representative offices;

  • legal assistance on everyday corporate matters (e.g. on those pertaining to the business of general meetings, the management board and the chief executive officer as well as to the issuance of powers of attorney or powers of procuration).


Information will be available soon.


Jogailos 4, 01116 Vilnius