GLIMSTEDT joined the Shiparrested.com2017-10-17

Law firm GLIMSTEDT joined the, the association of lawyers, arbitrators and shipping market experts, who specialise in representing the interests of shipping companies and ports.

‘GLIMSTEDT represents the largest Lithuanian fishing companies engaged in commercial fishing in marine waters. We have experience in cases of vessel arrests in Lithuania, Latvia, the Kingdom of Norway and Russia. The membership will enable us to more efficiently ensure the protection of interests of our current clients when their vessels enter any port of the world, and to defend the rights of foreign companies by submitting claims against vessels entering the Port of Klaipėda,’ stated Justinas Poderis, Senior Associate at the law firm GLIMSTEDT and an expert in the fields of transport and shipping law.

The network covers more than 1,000 ports all over the world.

Lawyers: Justinas Poderis


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