Gediminas Dominas speaks at the Arbitration Day 2012

Managing Partner Gediminas Dominas delivered a presentation on the issues of arbitrability and bankruptcy in the new Commercial Arbitration Law at the second annual conference entitled “ARBITRATION DAY 2012: Novelties in the Commercial Arbitration Law” that was held on 20 November in Vilnius.

The conference particularly focused on the following topics:
  • Appointing arbitrators and appointment procedures in the new Commercial Arbitration Law
  • Challenging arbitrators and challenge procedures in the new Commercial Arbitration Law
  • Temporary injunction in arbitration
  • Arbitration agreements and their recognition in courts
  • Competence of arbitral tribunals and of national courts
  • Novelties in the arbitration proceedings and prospects for their practical application
The conference was organized by the Ministry of Justice of Lithuania, the Vilnius Court of Commercial Arbitration and the Lithuanian Business Confederation.


Jogailos 4, 01116 Vilnius