Agreements & Contractual obligations

Seeking Fair Balance between Private Interests Will Be the Most Powerful Legal Argument during Quarantine

Employment law 

More changes to the regulatory framework of lay-offs and grants: additional requirements for employee or group lay-offs and new rules on subsidisation

How Are We Going to Work under Quarantine?

Real estate lease 

COVID-19: What homework must the lessee do before negotiations with the lessor?

Insolvency, Restructuring & Financial Rehabilitation

Amended regulatory legal framework for bankruptcy and restructuring presents more opportunities and makes it easier for a legal entity to be declared insolvent

Data protection

What Health Data Can Be Processed During the COVID-19 Pandemic? 

Tracking the location and contacts of people infected with COVID-19: when is it necessary and who should do it?

Lithuanian State Data Protection Inspectorate Recommendation in English available here.


What Businesses Should Know About Tax Compliance?

Migration Law

COVID-19: Карантинные меры в Литве

Transport & Logistics

Карантин в Литве: актуальная информация для транспортных и логистических компаний, а также водителей, осуществляющих международные перевозки грузов

Business abroad

Coronavirus (COVID-19): New York on Pause

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