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Global network of Information Technology Law specialists

ITechLaw is a not-for-profit organisation set up to inform and educate lawyers about the unique legal issues arising from the evolution, production, marketing, acquisition and use of information and communications technology. It has been serving the law community since 1971 and is now one of the most widely established and largest associations of its kind. GLIMSTEDT has been a member of this network since 2010.

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Lithuanian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association

The association helps to improve the financing of the economy, for small businesses in particular, and to promote economic growth and the entrepreneurial spirit. It is open to cooperation with venture capital funds, asset management funds, investment funds, business angels, legal offices, financial consultants and all other players involved in the market of direct investments. GLIMSTEDT has been a member since 2010

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Lithuanian Defence and Security Industries Association

The Lithuanian Defence and Security Industries Association is a fast growing organization which has a goal to unite and oversee Lithuanian Security and Defence Industries in order to optimize and expand the potential and capacity of the Lithuanian security and defence industries via transparent cooperation with local and foreign GOs, NGOs and institutions. It aims to provide necessary means, services, consultations, training and education; promote and expand Lithuanian industry and science to local and international theater. GLIMSTEDT has been its member since 2014.

Shiparrested is the association of lawyers, arbitrators and shipping market experts, who specialise in representing the interests of shipping companies and ports. The membership enables GLIMSTEDT efficiently ensure the protection of interests of clients when their vessels enter any port of the world, and to defend the rights of foreign companies by submitting claims against vessels entering the Port of Klaipėda.

The network covers more than 1,000 ports all over the world.

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The Association of Data Protection Officers

Launched in 2012, the Association of Data Protection Officers is a membership organisation for those who are actively working as Data Protection Officers in their respective organisations. The Association offers Data Protection Officers an opportunity to share ideas, voice concerns, seek clarity on new legislation, and offer their own insights on the demands and challenges of the job.

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Lithuanian Wind Power Association

The Association aims to create the most favourable business environment, eventually leading to equal conditions being achieved for all participants in the wind energy market. It advocates the public interest in the energy sector to preserve a clean and healthy environment for future generations. GLIMSTEDT has been a member since 2011


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